How do you even out your tan? Check out these few ways

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The vacations are the perfect time to catch your year-round tan! But before you decide to get out in the sun for an extended period of time, be sure to protect your skin properly. This is the best way to keep your tan looking good for as long as possible! Read on to find out about tan-compensating cosmetics!

Spending time on the beach or in the water while it’s hot can lead to an uneven tan. Even if you protect your skin by using sunscreen, the only guarantee you’ll get is that you won’t burn your skin. Usually, your legs vary in tan shade from your belly, while your face remains the most tanned.

How to get an even tan?

Before each vacation, it is worth getting the right skin care products. When you tan, only the outer layer of skin is susceptible to change, as it begins to darken. Before you go on vacation, make sure to scrub your whole body thoroughly and moisturize it regularly to enrich it with minerals and nutrients

When you forgot to do this by spending most of your time in the sun in your favorite foot-cut shoes, resulting in a tanned mark on your white leg now, don’t fret! There is a remedy for this.

Removing the dead skin layer is essential to getting a beautiful tan. The skin peels and rebuilds itself every 30 days or so. Remember to be regular and do a scrub once a week. You can use coarse scrubs for the whole body, as well as the milder, enzymatic ones for the face

Pay attention to whether the cosmetic is intended for your skin type. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen every time you apply it. Use a high-protection one, paying special attention to applying it to areas with tattoos.

Sunscreen to lighten blemishes and foundation to even out skin tone

You can improve an uneven tan by using brightening creams. If your skin is sensitive, enzyme peeling can irritate it. Brightening creams are applied topically to the tanned areas to avoid brightening the face that has not been touched by the sun’s rays.

When using brightening cosmetics, do not count on an effect in a short time. It may take days before you see a noticeable difference. This is where an opaque foundation comes in to help even out your complexion. When choosing such a foundation, follow the color of your neck, dragging it below your jaw as well.

Short-term Solutions

Beauty stores also offer products that give you quick results but are very short-lived. These are washable self-tanners that dissolve after you take a bath. This is a way to even out your tan in case of an emergency.

Apart from this, you can mix body lotion with bronzer and apply it to the desired area. This solution is also short-term, but it will work great in an emergency situation. Also, even out your skin tone with spray tanning, which will precisely cover the untanned areas on your skin with bronze.

Besides using cosmetics, remember to hydrate regularly. Drink at least 2 liters of water, which will hydrate your body from the inside. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, which mostly consist of water and do not contain many calories. Vacations are the time when watermelons, tomatoes and cucumbers ripen, which will effectively saturate you and hydrate your body.

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