How do stimulants affect our athletic performance?

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Stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, even light ones, have a very negative effect on our health. Especially if we exercise, it can take a toll on our performance. So if you want to take care of your silhouette, find out how stimulants can destroy your efforts for better shape and health!

Substitutes – why you should limit them

Substances, which include cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, have a destructive influence on our lives, especially if you tend to abuse them. Then you can get really serious diseases, and at the same time, if you exercise, your results will not be visible.

Let’s start with the fact that occasional drinking of alcohol or smoking cigarettes, once every few months, will not harm us to a significant degree. However, if we abuse these drugs, it can turn out to be very dangerous. Not to mention drugs. Among them, the most popular is marijuana, which is classified as a light drug. However, all stimulants can be addictive, regardless of their level of action. How do they affect our performance in sports?

Sport and stimulants – why shouldn’t they be combined?

Sport requires high efficiency of lungs and body. Thanks to that, exercises make us burn fat tissue, increase muscle mass and improve our condition at the same time. Regular cigarette smoking prevents us from achieving satisfactory results. We get tired faster, often we also have problems with catching our breath, and thus we burn fat slower and the exercises are not effective.

The same applies to marijuana. Smoking cannabis causes our lung volume to decrease significantly, and our reluctance to lead a healthy lifestyle increases. On top of that, we are lethargic and do not think soberly, even a few days after use. Lack of regular exercise means that after just one week we no longer see results and it’s hard to get back to healthy habits.

When it comes to alcohol, the situation is even different. It affects the circulatory system and, for example, beer is extremely calorific. Therefore, instead of losing weight, we gain weight, what’s more, our heart pumps blood slower and we get tired faster. Regular consumption of alcohol, as well as combining it with other stimulants, can be destructive for our body. Stories of many obese patients show that not only unhealthy food had an impact on their weight, but also stimulants which only intensified the effect and effectively discouraged them from working on themselves. 

Therefore, it is worth avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes or taking drugs, not only when we are physically active. Psychoactive substances can become addictive very quickly and make the comfort of our lives rapidly decreasing, and returning to normalcy becomes extremely difficult.

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