Roller, or roller for massage – which one to choose?

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Massage roller is used very often by people who are working out, who for various reasons can not attend a massage or do not have the means to visit a physiotherapist.

In many cases, rollers are salutary because they allow you to quickly massage sore muscles without the need for very expensive massagers, such as pressure massagers. If you also work out at home and want to relax your muscles after exercising, be sure to check out which roller to choose.

How to choose the best massage roller?

You can find many models of massage rollers on the market. They are lightweight and, what is important, easy to transport. Very often massage rollers that have an oval or round shape are chosen. They do not deform under the influence of body weight and massage muscles by rolling. This is a quick way to relax muscles and fascia.

Select a massage roller with regard to:

hardness – rollers made of soft materials bend quite easily under body weight and do not exert as much pressure on soft tissues. They are ideal for those who feel strong tension and muscle pain and are just beginning their adventure with rolling; hard rollers may cause too much pressure and pain. They are suitable for advanced athletes who boast of large muscle mass and low muscle tension,

shape – rollers, as the name suggests, are round or semi-round in shape. Smooth and oblong rollers are ideal for massaging upper and lower extremities – just put your arms or legs on them and gently move them in relation to the ground, the roller will perform the entire massage. A figure-eight roller is suitable for relaxing the muscles of the spine; its design allows for massage without pressing on the vertebrae; round massagers, suitable for foot massage, are also worth considering,

Prices – the cost of the device is as important as its other parameters. In well-known discount stores, you can buy a massager for as little as 20 zł a piece, but its workmanship and resistance to pressure are questionable. A good quality roller costs from 50 zł upwards, so it is not worth saving on it,

Size – choosing the right size is also extremely important. The roller should be selected according to the size of the muscle – to massage thighs you will need a massager with a length of 30 to 35 cm and a diameter of 15 cm, whereas feet and Achilles tendons should be massaged with a roller with a diameter of 8 to 12 cm.

Foam roller – how to use it?

Foam roller, which is the most popular among massagers, should be used on specific parts of muscles. It takes about 10 to 30 seconds to massage or roll one muscle. After this time, it is advisable to move on to other muscle parts.

If you still feel tension in a particular body part, you can return to it after massaging the other muscles. Pain during rolling is a natural part of stretching and relieving tension. Over time, muscle stiffness should subside.

Avoid rolling bones and joints! Prolonged use of the roller on abnormal areas such as the knee joint or groin can result in swelling, bruising, and even discoloration and bumps in these areas. The roller should only be used on the muscles and fascia. If you are not quite sure how to perform such a massage, it is better to consult a physiotherapist, who will certainly help to choose the right techniques, safe for us.

It is also important to choose the strength of the pressure according to the tension of the muscles – if they are very tense and you feel a lot of pain, it is better to dose the length of rolling, so that the muscles and skin get used to such pressure. Choose a massager with a smooth surface to start with. Over time, you may want to purchase a roller that has additional nubs.

The benefits of a roller massage:

– Quick way to relax muscles,

– Easier loosening of muscles and tendons prevents injuries,

– reduction of cellulite,

– improvement of skin blood supply and its nutrition,

– less pain caused by tense muscles.

People who use the roller on a daily basis have also noticed increased muscle mobility and flexibility. Massager can also help us get rid of unwanted soreness, which is great for athletes and lovers of extreme and strength sports.

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