Do people who play sports have more successful sex lives?

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Physical activity has many health benefits. It turns out that people who regularly play sports also have more satisfaction with their sex life. Running, swimming or any other type of workout improves our body awareness, thus can increase libido levels. Read what are the other benefits of playing sports that help keep the heat of passion in the bedroom.

A satisfying sex life is an important factor that helps build a close, trusting relationship. Many couples have less and less sex over the years, complaining about lack of time, children or lack of desire for intimacy. Going to the gym or doing some other type of physical activity can be a fantastic way to increase interest in intercourse with your partner. What impact does physical activity have on a successful sex life?

Why does sport improve the quality of sex life?

The explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple. Physical activity makes us feel less stressed, and some forms of training are even relaxing. Exercise helps us cope with everyday problems, fears, and responsibilities that pile up. Being under stress is not conducive to getting close and spending carefree time with your loved one. Sport is an excellent way to reduce stress, relieve tension in the body, and is a great way to oxygenate the body. A man in such a state has a greater desire to initiate sex

Regular exercise makes us have more life energy and instead of spending time at home in front of the TV we are more likely to find time for sex. Moreover, when we are fit our body can afford more. Thus we can test new sexual positions or simply get more pleasure from intercourse. The quality of sex can also be improved by being open and testing new solutions

It is also worth mentioning that people who are active usually feel better in their bodies. It’s also worth mentioning that people who are active usually feel better in their bodies. Increased physical attractiveness makes us enjoy sexual intercourse without complexes. The atmosphere in the bedroom can be heated up by putting on erotic lingerie

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