What to eat in summer to feel light and full of energy?

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High summer temperatures can make us feel sluggish. In addition, hot weather makes us not always feel like eating a full meal. However, it is necessary to eat. What products should be included in your summer menu to feel light and have plenty of energy?

First of all, water!

Proper hydration of our body is important throughout the year, but in the summer we should pay special attention to it. During the warmer months of the year we should drink about 1 l of water a day. We are talking specifically about mineral water, without any sweeteners. Juice cartons and fizzy drinks unfortunately do not hydrate our body

Lack of proper hydration at high temperatures can cause problems with concentration, sleepiness, headaches and backaches. Also, our skin loses its smoothness and our heart starts beating faster. Forgetting to drink water regularly can lead to fainting, fever, blood pressure drop and even death


Fruits are healthy, full of vitamins and often have a refreshing taste. In addition, they aid the digestive process. For example, papain, an enzyme found in papaya, has proteolytic properties that aid in protein digestion. And bananas, fruits extremely rich in potassium, help fight bloating and regulate water balance in the body

Regular consumption of blueberries has a great effect on digestive processes and additionally strengthens eyesight


Vegetables, just like fruit, provide many vitamins and are light and refreshing. Therefore, it is worth introducing e.g. cucumbers to your summer diet, as they rehydrate the body and additionally contain few calories. Red beets have a great influence on the metabolism and they contain fiber beneficial for the digestive system. On the other hand, green beans have a lot of folic acid, and their low glycemic index makes them good for diabetics


Disruption of the bacterial flora in the intestines can cause bloating and a feeling of heaviness. To take care of the digestive system and the good bacteria in it, we should regularly eat yogurts that contain live bacteria cultures. In this way, we will avoid many digestive problems


Like yogurts, ginger also helps in fighting bloating. It is mainly known for its antibacterial properties, although the ginger protease contained in it helps digest proteins and thus gives our body a sense of lightness. In addition, ginger supports the work of the circulatory system and all organs included in the digestive system. It is therefore worth adding it as often as possible to various dishes and drinks


From time to time in summer it is worth to drink a glass of herbs making digestion easier, if only in a chilled form. This way you can avoid many digestive problems, prevent excessive fermentation and relax your stomach. Teas of mint, sage, fennel or cumin will work best in this role

What ingredients to avoid in the summer diet?

When composing your summer diet, you should pay attention to avoiding too many hard to digest foods and high-calorie snacks. Avoid hot spices, fatty and high-protein dishes because they are difficult to digest and increase internal heat production in the body. Limit your intake of sugar, salt and fats. Avoid foods that lose their freshness quickly, such as cream cakes and sweet drinks. Leaving them out in the sun for several hours can cause bacteria to multiply.

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