Face care step by step. Do you remember them all?

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Facial care is extremely important, especially if you want to keep your skin beautiful and healthy for a long time. Even if you do not have problems with your skin, it is worth introducing rituals that will allow you to revolutionize its condition. 

A few steps to a well-groomed face

It is essential for your skin to look great. It is worth taking care of it comprehensively in terms of care, as well as supporting it with various supplements and vitamins. This will give you measurable results in a short time. With well-chosen cosmetic rituals you can completely forget about:

  • deep wrinkles and other signs of skin aging; 
  • excess sebum;
  • visible signs of fatigue;
  • dry, burning patches and tight skin;
  • Imperfections and visible pores;
  • severe redness and skin irritation. 

Therefore, it is worth following several steps that are recommended by the most eminent cosmetologists.

What care is recommended in the evening?

Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to various external factors, including bacteria, microorganisms, fumes and dust. In addition, there is sebum and residues from cosmetics. That’s why evening skin cleansing is so important. Thanks to this you will get rid of all the impurities, your pores will not be clogged and, consequently, pimples will not appear on the surface of your skin. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that different skin care will work for problematic skin, and another for mature or normal skin. Let’s learn the general principles that will work for all skin types, but remember to select cosmetics individually.

First of all, remove make-up thoroughly!

Color cosmetics, foundations and powders leave a film on your skin that needs to be removed in the evening. Put make-up remover or micellar lotion on a cotton pad and gently remove the make-up. Then wipe your entire face with a new cotton pad. If you use a micellar lotion, it is helpful to know how to use it properly. After soaking a cotton pad, press it to the desired area and after a few seconds the makeup will start to dissolve. You can also put it on your lips and gently blow until foam forms, which you can wipe over your face – if you have sensitive skin, do not rub too hard.

Don’t forget to tone up

Applying a toner to your skin is just as important as cleansing. It helps to regulate the pH of your skin and soothe any irritation. You can also use a hydrolate such as lavender, which will additionally moisturize your skin and deal with blemishes.

Finally, a good moisturizing and nourishing

Finally, there’s the fun part: moisturizing. No matter what your skin type, you should regularly apply moisturizers that give your skin the ingredients it needs to regulate sebum secretion. Choose the perfect product for you and apply it to your face, neck and décolletage. You can use a special serum under your eyes. Creams with hyaluronic acid also work well.

Before you put on your makeup, don’t forget about… 

You don’t need to cleanse your face thoroughly right after getting up. If you don’t have any skin problems, you can just rinse your face lightly with water to wash away germs that got on your skin from your pillow. Then treat your skin with a toner or hydrolate and apply a moisturizer. Don’t forget a UV filter, which should also be applied in winter. You can also use a foundation base. Afterwards, you can easily apply your makeup and it will stay put!

main photo: pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio

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