How to choose the right bra for exercise?

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Every fitness fanatic should have a proper sports bra in her closet. It is essential if we want to keep our breasts in good condition. Brands such as Adidas or Triumph have created models perfectly suited to the female body. Thanks to them you will feel comfortable, and at the same time your breasts will stay in one position during the whole workout!

Why a sports bra is essential?

Many women choose regular bras or do not use them at all. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake that can cost us the loss of firmness and change the shape of our breasts.

At the University of Portsmouth conducted research on sports issues, including bras for exercise. It turned out that a well-fitting sports bra can reduce bust movement by about 74%. A traditional bra only by 34%. This discrepancy is due to different construction of sportswear for women.

Very intensive physical effort makes the bust deformable and less flexible. With every step or movement, the breasts rise by about 9 cm. Since they do not have muscles, they cannot protect themselves from such shocks and the bands of connective tissue in the breasts, called Cooper’s ligaments, stretch a lot and this greatly reduces the firmness of the breasts.

Sports bras have a much higher build-up and special strips of material under the breasts, so that even during intense jogging they do not lose their firmness. Wearing appropriate sports underwear has a positive effect on the appearance of breasts – they are not exposed to constant rising and falling, and the connective tissue does not stretch as much.

Remember that, unlike muscles, connective tissue will not return to its former form, so taking care of breast stabilization is especially important during each workout.

What are the advantages of wearing a sports bra?

Sports bras have many advantages. Here are some of them

  • sports bras prevent the breasts from moving from side to side and up and down, and the stabilization helps protect their firmness,
  • sports bra is made of soft and very breathable material, so the skin can breathe freely,
  • sports bras excrete excess perspiration much better, so the skin stays dry even during very intensive training,
  • they are much lighter and more flexible in contrast to classic bras, which allows us to wear them during yoga or stretching, because they do not restrict our movements.

What should be a well-fitted sports bra?

Sports bra should be chosen similarly to traditional bra. It should fit well under the breasts, but it cannot squeeze us. Wide, but adjustable shoulder straps are also very important, which we can choose individually according to our size. Often sports models have a slightly wider and slightly tighter strap, covering the part under the bust. If the bra is well chosen, both the front and the back is in one position and does not move. This is very important, because the whole frame, including the cups, must be stable, which prevents back pain. A wider belt under the bust is recommended for cups from C upwards. Then the breasts are properly lifted, and the back is relieved.

The cups must cover the whole breast, and if they have underwires, they should end in the middle of the sternum and reach under the armpit, so that the whole breast is covered. Too small cups are not recommended, because the breasts may “spill out” from them, and the bra itself will not give us the proper stability. Many bras have quite firmly built cups, which prevents the breasts from moving during running or jumping.

In sports bras the material is extremely important, which should be breathable. Mesh under the armpits and at the cups, ensuring proper ventilation, is useful. It is also worth paying attention to the seams, which should be flat and hardly noticeable, which will minimize the risk of dangerous chafing.

There are several models of sports bras:

  • compression bra – these are bras ideal for ladies with smaller cups from A to B; they significantly minimize breast movement and squeeze the breasts together,
  • encapsulated compression bra – suitable for women with larger breasts as the cups are encapsulated separately and each cup holds one breast; also suitable for professional athletes,
  • adjustable encapsulated compression bra – these are very professional bra models that additionally have an adjustable band under the bust; ideal for jogging or crossfit, it shows the best stability
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