Having a bad day? Read why it’s sometimes better to skip a workout

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Sport is good for your health and any workout is better than none at all, but there are also situations when we should give up physical activity. Why is it sometimes better to skip a workout?

There are moments when we don’t have the strength or feel that we can’t do the workout. There may be various reasons for this. What are some? Everyone has a bad day and it’s normal, you just have to accept your weakness at that moment. Whether it’s a hot day, a slight injury, a cold or just a feeling of despondency – take a break from training and simply relax.

When is it a good idea to take a break from training?

A lot of people think that physical activity helps with a bad mood. This may be true, but it is not the rule. Many psychologists, especially those who work with professional athletes, note that sport does not work so well for relieving bad emotions. Why? Because increased physical activity in collaboration with rage or the so-called pit can have a bad effect on the work of the heart. Strong emotions combined with intense physical exertion are also a cause of circulatory problems

Another reason to skip a workout is inclement weather. Here, too, there will be people who say that “there is no bad weather for training, only weak characters” – it is not worth listening to these empty platitudes. When the body is not properly tempered, for example running in windy and rainy weather, we can do ourselves great harm. It is worth remembering that when it is cold, blood vessels constrict and the body reduces the blood supply – this leads to “fooling” our brain, which in effect does not secrete a hormone that inhibits fluid excretion. Training in the heat is also a bad decision. It can lead to fainting or, in the worse case, even to a stroke.

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Have you been drinking alcohol? Don’t exercise

Another reason is alcohol. After a drunken party, increased activity will not be a good idea. Intense exercise puts a strain on your muscles and is not very effective when you’re hungover. Alcohol is a source of empty calories and quickly after consumption reaches the central nervous system, which impairs its work. What is the result of that? It impairs our motor coordination and intellectual functions. Not only will the workout be ineffective, but we will most likely perform individual exercises incorrectly, because our coordination will be impaired.

Not only alcohol interferes

Moreover, we don’t exercise when our body is too hydrated. And this time it is not about alcoholic beverages, but water. You should drink when you feel thirsty, not by force. Excessive hydration during a workout can lead to hyponatremia, a condition where our kidneys are unable to excrete excess water from the body, which dilutes the vital electrolyte sodium and leads to swelling of body cells.

When else is it better to skip a workout? When you feel generally weak or “catch” a cold. It is also not a good idea to exercise when your muscles are sore, i.e. when you have “sore muscles”. Training then will not help us at all, it will not relax our muscles, and will make them even more tired. It is better to bet on the massage, which will relax them and allow them to regenerate.

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