Roller skating – you’ll be surprised how much it affects your body and psyche

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Among extremely interesting sports, which influence on many things we can distinguish roller skating. Already after a month of practice we can feel the positive impact on both body and psyche.

What are the advantages of roller skating?

Roller skating is certainly an activity which will bring many positive results. First of all we can notice many benefits both in physical and psychical sphere. In case of our body we can notice, among other things, real weight loss. Just one hour of in-line skating means burning from 600 to 700 kcal, so regular undertaking this activity will clearly accelerate our rate of slimming. This will be particularly noticeable in the case of legs, abdomen and buttocks. For this purpose it is recommended to regularly train at least 3 times a week, and each such training should last at least 40 minutes. Along with losing weight also comes a reduction in cellulite. This is particularly visible if the training is accompanied by a proper diet.

Muscle shaping and roller skating

Roller skating is distinguished by the fact that during this activity all muscles really work. Although thighs and buttocks work the most, shaping of muscles will concern all parts of the body. First of all, you will notice the lifting and rounding of the buttocks. In turn, thighs will be more slender and tighter. Apart from that skating will clearly help to sculpt muscles of abdomen, arms and back. It is worth mentioning that strengthening of back muscles will concern parts close to spine and will considerably reduce painful ailments accompanying persons having sitting or standing job. During roller skating we will also improve our motor coordination, which will certainly be useful in our everyday life.

Strengthening of heart and oxygenation of organism

By roller skating we will not only improve the appearance of our body, but we will also take care of very important internal organs. First of all it is an aerobic activity, which will have a great impact on our heart. Regular roller skating will strengthen your heart muscle, as well as improve the functioning of the entire circulatory system. This in turn will mean a significantly lower risk of heart disease, and we ourselves will feel a greater boost of energy every day. The strengthening of the circulatory system is connected with a better oxygenation of the body, and this is perfectly connected with the fact that it is a sport practiced outdoors. As a result, we will ensure that better oxygen reaches all tissues. In this way we will improve the functioning of the brain, as well as metabolism. Rollerblades will guarantee us not only a better appearance of the body, but also an extra boost of energy and significantly better memory.

How does roller skating help our psyche?

As already mentioned, roller skating also has a positive effect on our mental condition. It is first of all a relaxing activity, which requires from us specific actions encouraging our body to produce large amounts of happy hormones. Thanks to dopamine, endorphins and serotonin we clearly feel very happy. Thus, roller skating is an excellent anti-stress treatment. During this physical activity you will successfully forget about the hardships of everyday life and focus on pleasant, relaxing activities. Thanks to practicing roller skating we will also increase our self-confidence, which will go hand in hand with gaining new skills and improving the condition of our body. It is an activity that we can do in company, which will also improve our well-being and encourage us to spend time with our loved ones.

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