Pilates – why sign up for this class?

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Are you looking for a workout that strengthens all parts of your body, and practicing it regularly will reduce the stress that haunts you? Choose Pilates!

Running, cycling or working out at the gym are not the right form of activity for you? Then maybe you should try Pilates! This integrating and energising class, combining fitness and yoga, is also recommended for people after various injuries or orthopaedic surgeries. We suggest why it is worth signing up for Pilates classes.

Balance in the body – you will achieve it thanks to pilates classes

Most people who want to start their adventure with fitness, quickly get discouraged, because they immediately jump into too deep water. The point is that if you haven’t had much to do with regular physical activity for a long time, and you want, for example, to lose a few extra pounds or simply take care of your health, don’t start with murderous workouts at the gym or running beyond your strength and abilities. Instead of helping yourself – you will only harm.

It is worth starting your adventure with fitness from lighter exercises, but also bringing good results, for example Pilates. This form of exercise will strengthen your spine, allow you to lose the hated “sides”, teach you to maintain proper posture, and what’s more, it will give you a chance to achieve harmony not only of the body but also of the spirit.

Stronger muscles and relief for the spine

Opt for Pilates, thanks to regular training you will gain, among other things, stronger muscles throughout the body. The advantage of this form of activity is that the exercises increase the strength of muscles, especially those of the abdomen, but also the pelvic floor. This is great news for women, because it is the muscle part that supports, among other things, the bladder, and its exercises prevent the lowering of the reproductive organs.

Regular attendance at Pilates is also a real relief for an overloaded spine. Why? Because the exercises strengthen the muscles that support and stabilize the spine, which as a result allows you to maintain the correct position and improves the posture of the entire body. You will stop hunching, and by practicing Pilates regularly you will also get rid of back pain.

Pilates exercises are also a good option for fighting the hated fat, which accumulates in the least desirable places, for example in the so-called ‘sides’. Pilates is based on training with own body weight, mainly strength exercises, but it is also varied by elements of yoga and ballet. Simply put, Pilates can be practiced at home, because the movements and figures which are part of the training are well known from school physical education classes.

Pilates is a varied workout

Pilates is a varied workout, although on the surface it may seem very calm. It combines elements of gentle gymnastics, breathing exercises, and of course stretching. To properly perform Pilates workouts, you need to know, understand, and properly perform the method on which it is based.

Pilates training is based on several fundamentals which, when used together, create a path to success. First of all, while exercising, we must remember about slow and deep breathing. Air should be inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth. Another important point is to focus on performing each exercise accurately and extremely precisely.

Control is another cornerstone of the Pilates training method. When performing the exercises, we must be aware of our own body and try to control it. Fluidity and accuracy are also very important. It is also worth focusing on the quality of exercises, not the number of repetitions. For example, it is always worth to do fewer, but accurate and properly performed squats, than to go for quantity, which often goes hand in hand with mediocrity.

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