What fabrics work best during hot weather?

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In the summer, it is worth paying special attention to the materials of our clothes. The type of fabric affects how we will feel in a particular garment during hot weather. In the following article, we present materials that are worth wearing in the summer, and those that are better avoided. We invite you to read it! 

Even the most beautiful summer dress, despite the perfect cut, can be uncomfortable to wear in the greatest heat. The key is the fabric from which the garment is made. It is it that influences whether we will not be too hot or too heavy. So it’s worth paying attention to the label – from it we will know whether wearing this garment on a hot day is a good idea.


Cotton is an extremely popular material. You can find shirts, dresses or shorts sewn from it in any clothing store. Cotton clothes are a great option for summer. This material allows the skin to “breathe”, is durable and absorbs moisture perfectly.


Many people have a negative view of viscose, as they consider it an artificial material. Nothing could be further from the truth. Viscose is extracted from cellulose, or plant fibers. People who have clothes made of this material in their closet appreciate its comfort and functionality. Viscose is breathable, lightweight and absorbs moisture. In stores you are sure to find many viscose blouses and dresses for summer.


Chambray is a summer alternative to heavy denim, especially since it is dyed in many shades of blue. It is ideal for sewing lightweight shams, shirts and even formal wear.


Seersucker is often referred to as a waffle fabric. This is because of the crinkled structure, which resembles an accordion or bark. This material does not adhere to the skin, so it does not heat us up extra on hot days. An additional advantage is that clothes sewn from seersucker do not need to be ironed.


Linen could not be missing from this list. This is a truly summer fabric, from which dresses, shirts and pants are sewn. Linen is breathable, and thanks to its hygroscopic properties it gives a feeling of coolness. It also protects our skin from harmful UV radiation. 


Clothes sewn from jersey are perfect for hot days. This fabric is made from cotton or wool fibers, making it extremely pleasant to the touch and airy. The admixture of elastane makes the fabric comfortable to wear.

What fabrics to avoid in the summer?

There are fabrics that are better to avoid in the summer. Artificial and unairy garments will make us feel uncomfortable on hot days.


Nylon is a synthetic fabric. It does not allow air to pass through and makes our body sweat even more. It also tends to become mossy, which looks unsightly on clothes.


Polyester, unfortunately, does not have a good reputation, and its absence is most justified. This fabric is made entirely of plastic, which means that it does not allow air to pass through, and when wearing it we “boil”. Unfortunately, manufacturers often make summer clothes out of polyester, so it is important to pay attention to the composition.


Acrylic was developed as a replacement for wool, but its properties are more like nylon and polyester. We will be extremely hot in acrylic clothes, so they are not a good option, even for a cooler summer evening.

main photo: unsplash.com/Mel Poole

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