Biohacking, or how to change life for the better

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Hacking your body for health, beauty and better well-being. What is biohacking, how to use it and is it a safe method?

Hacking has a strong pejorative connotation. In today’s world, we associate it unequivocally with online hackers who lurk to steal our data, money, and cause technological confusion. However, the original English verb “to hack” means to chop, dismember, or figure out an issue, and as a metaphor, to deal with something

Hacking is therefore not only a negative activity. It’s also about experimenting and combining to your advantage. This is the context in which biohacking operates.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is the deliberate, positive hacking of your body – body and mind. Its purpose is to create the best version of yourself, living a life of health, well-being and energy. Biohacking is a conscious control of life processes in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the body, health values and regenerative abilities.

Pillars of Biohacking

The pillars of biohacking include healthy eating, adequate amounts of hygienic sleep, and physical activity. Each of these three elements are very important and form the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Balanced healthy meals and supplementation

Among the popularizers of biohacking there are adherents of many ideas and trends, among others nutrigenomics (nutria – nutrition). In their opinion, the food we eat directly affects our genes. Does the relationship reach that far? It is not yet known. However, there is a saying “You are what you eat”

Meals power our body: internal organs, tissues, skin, hair and brain.

Biohacking is about building proper eating habits and conscious consumption, among other things. It is not about immediately throwing yourself into a restrictive diet and e.g. giving up alcohol, sweets and meat. However, it is worth reducing their consumption. Include fish, vegetables and fruit, water and appropriate supplements in your daily diet. In our climate it is worth taking vitamin D3.

2. Sleep, relaxation and rest

Another pillar of biohacking is an adequate amount of sleep and developing a sleeping rhythm. We should allocate 7-9 hours a day for sleep. Sleep should be preceded by silence – away from screens of electronic devices emitting blue light. In the evening we should also give up coffee and energy drinks.

In biohacking, it is very important to program sleep – to create the right aura and circumstances that allow deep rest. This is very important for physical and mental health.

3. Sports, physical activity and staying fit

Another component of biohacking is physical activity. Sports are a very important part of building health, vitality, boosting immunity and improving mental well-being

As with nutrition, this is not about making a revolution and becoming a competitive athlete. A first step might be to replace your car with a bike or walk to work. Find a favorite activity and devote an hour to it at least 4 times a week.

Biohacking – effects

Biohacking is hacking your body into a healthy lifestyle. The effects are primarily an improvement in health and well-being. Additional benefits resulting from biohacking are:

  • improving blood test results,
  • prevention of depression,
  • improving sleep quality,
  • improved digestion,
  • weight reduction,
  • improving physical condition.

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