Makeup for the gym – yes or no?

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Preparing a careful makeup for the gym is both highly appreciated and quite opposed. That is why it is worth finding out what advantages and disadvantages there are of opting for this solution.

Why do we choose to wear makeup to the gym?

There are many reasons why we decide to wear makeup to the gym. First of all, it is a question of our well-being, which can be strained especially when we go to the gym in the company of female friends. What’s more, many women feel uncomfortable knowing that even strangers will see their dark circles, tired eyes and pimples on their face. This attitude directly leads to the belief that we must cover up our imperfections. This is a wrong attitude, especially since we go to the gym precisely to improve our condition, not to “look better”. That’s why it’s important to know the negative effects of applying makeup while working out at the gym.

Opening your pores during a workout vs makeup

The basic mistake that often affects women is the belief that light makeup will not affect their skin. For this, they use, for example, only concealer. According to dermatologists, this is wrong, because physical activity causes the pores to open, which is a result of increased body temperature and more intense perspiration. In turn, makeup, especially foundation, is able to effectively block these pores. This is what contributes to the appearance of pimples and pustules and even skin peeling. As a result, we contribute to the deterioration of our complexion at our own request. So applying makeup to the gym brings the opposite effect and only intensifies the problems. It is worth noting that after just a dozen or so minutes of intense training makeup will look bad, and even start to flow from the face. The use of makeup promotes the growth of bacteria. The lack of a clean, well-groomed face, which would be rubbed for example with your own towel, promotes the appearance of acne.

Is it necessary to wash off makeup?

It may seem that washing off makeup is necessary and the only solution we should consider. It will have a positive effect on our complexion, and above all, it will not harm it. However, this does not change the fact that many women feel extremely uncomfortable when they do not have makeup on. This fact is further enhanced by the awareness that at the gym they can be observed by men. Therefore, careful makeup helps to avoid uncomfortable embarrassment. However, this is advisable only in extreme situations. If you can, it is essential to train without any makeup, and it is advisable to clean your face even before you start training. However, there are ways to have a fairly safe makeup for the gym. What kind of makeup are we talking about?

What kind of makeup for the gym?

The basic rule of using makeup for the gym is that it must be as delicate as possible. For example, it should consist of a very light liquid mineral foundation. Here it is crucial to give up powder foundation, which contributes to clogging of pores. BB cream may be an alternative. In the use of such makeup the idea is to even skin tone, hide bruises under the eyes or redness of the skin. Experts indicate that only in extremely difficult cases you can use a concealer. For lips it is enough to use a moisturizing balm, and mascara should necessarily be waterproof. Any other additives are completely unnecessary, and even more so, we should not apply powder after the workout, and before thoroughly cleaning the sweaty face. People with oily skin should reach for care cosmetics with tea oil, zinc or salicylic acid, among others.

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