The Best Horse Riding Accessories and Clothes to Help You Look and Ride Your Best

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Horse riding accessories are important items to have if you are an avid horse rider. Horse riding accessories can make your rides safer and more comfortable and can help you look your best as well. Here, we will discuss some of the best horse riding accessories on the market today and some of the special clothes that you can wear to complete your look and enhance your performance in the saddle.

Saddle Blankets

Blankets serve an important function in both summer and winter. They’re a protective barrier between you and your horse, providing comfort for both of you. In addition, they wick away moisture from your horse’s back (thereby making him more comfortable) as well as help protect him from sunburn during hot summer months. Blankets are also designed to provide warmth for your horse during cool winter nights.

Rope Halters

A rope halter is one of the simplest horse tack accessories. A rope halter is a loop of nylon cord that encircles your horse’s head, with a long lead attached at one end. Because they do not have buckles or other parts that can pinch or rub, rope halters are especially good for young horses or ones who pull back when being handled.

Dressage Bridles

A dressage bridle is a must-have for any serious rider. A good dressage bridle should come with a flash noseband, a cavesson noseband, bit control rings or buckles, a browband, and reins. The best dressage bridles are made from quality materials like leather and stainless steel, with synthetic materials also making popular alternatives. Dressage horse tack comes in many different styles; choose your new pair of equestrian riding boots based on your riding style and preferences.


A good pair of riding gloves will help you grip your reins in hot weather, cushion your hands on long rides and even provide protection in case you fall off. For kids’ riding gloves, choose a lightweight design that offers some padding but isn’t bulky. Mens riding gloves are available in many styles; look for ones that protect against abrasion or cold but are still flexible enough for riding.


So, you’ve got your boots and helmet, but what about stirrups? This is an often-overlooked piece of gear that will help you find comfort in your saddle. There are two types of stirrups: leather and rubber. Each has its own benefits. Leather stirrups are sturdy, whereas rubber ones provide stability.


Because they’re not as fashionable, equestrian spurs often get an undeserved bad rap. But in reality, they are incredibly useful riding accessories. In fact, they have been used by horsemen for centuries as a form of training and discipline when working with horses. Today, even though most people don’t use them for their original purpose, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find plenty of reasons to keep a pair on hand at all times!


Equestrian riding helmets can range from highly protective helmets, such as those worn by professional riders, to more affordable options that offer basic protection. They’re a great way for you and your child to stay safe on your journey towards mastering horseback riding skills. In order to ensure safety while riding, many riders choose to wear helmets when they ride. 

There are two main types of helmets: hard hats and soft hats. 

Hard hats have been designed specifically for equestrian use; they’re usually made from high-impact plastic or fiberglass, which is ideal because they protect against blows to the head better than softer materials like fabric or leather. 

Soft hats, on the other hand, look more like traditional bike helmets. They’re lightweight and less expensive than hard hats but aren’t necessarily as strong; however, if you do fall off your horse (or if he falls on top of you), these kinds of helmets will help cushion your head from impact with hard surfaces.


Regardless of if you are a kid or an adult, horse riding boots can be useful. If you’re just starting out, you may have been given a pair of your parent’s old boots that have since long since become too small. Do not fret! There are a variety of brands out there with children’s boot sizes that will fit your feet perfectly. Kids equestrian riding boots are designed with comfort in mind. They need to be light enough for a young rider, and padded enough to withstand long hours in a saddle. While equestrian riding boots aren’t cheap, they are important to ensure comfort when on horseback.

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