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Skipping rope is not just a childhood pastime. There is more and more talk about the beneficial effects of jumping rope. Exercises on skipping rope influence the whole body, improve fitness, and are also a great way to lose weight. On top of that, they are great for looking and building muscles in the abdominal area, buttocks, arms and legs. So what, maybe skipping rope?

Why is it worth jumping on skipping rope?

Skipping is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world. There are even special classes where everyone jumps together on a skipping rope, adding different paces and figures. Regular exercise on this equipment gives great results, and in addition, you can use it even with a small apartment space, where no other device to help burn fat and build muscle mass will fit. The rhythmic and quite fast jumps on the skipping rope support such parts as buttocks, arms and abdomen, as well as legs. And on top of that, you will certainly burn a whole lot of calories.

The data that has been compiled from jumping rope exercises speaks for itself.

Let’s start with how many calories we can burn for half an hour jumping on a skipping rope. And attention, this value is dizzying, namely as much as 400 kcal! That’s a huge amount for 30 minutes of exercise!

It is also worth mentioning that the body becomes more flexible and elastic, and the condition is clearly better.

Skipping also improves the efficiency of legs. It clearly strengthens the muscles in this area, especially the calves. Additionally, it contributes to lifting the buttocks and firming the arms and abdomen.

Another important point is the involvement in the exercises of all the muscles in the sensitive abdominal area. It then becomes flatter and more alluring. Many people also mention achieving better balance, which helps in performing other sports.

The exercises on the skipping rope are worth doing before the workout. They are great for warming up the body and making it fully prepared for strength training.

One of the most important things is to improve the flexibility of your joints and increase the overall fitness of your body. This will help you avoid injuries while playing other sports.

How to jump on a skipping rope properly?

It is advisable to choose a model of skipping rope made of leather, which is more durable, performs better during fast jumps, and also does not get tangled like ropes made of other materials. Before you start training, warm up your body. You can even stretch. It is best to focus on basic exercises in the shoulder, wrist and knee areas.

After preparing your body for jumping, start the exercises. First, impose yourself at a gentle, fairly slow pace, which should be increased. It is also important to jump only on your toes and not your whole legs. Only after you get some practice, add other figures, running in place, figure eights, or the well-known jumps on one leg. Daily exercises of only 15 minutes will quickly and effectively help you slim your legs and make your abdomen flat and muscular.

Remember, however, to avoid this type of exercise if you have a knee or ankle injury, as your condition may worsen.

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